The Olivet Discourse

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Now what’s surprising is that many people look for the rapture of the church in the Olivet Discourse but you won’t find it. Remember the church wasn’t founded until the Day of Pentecost in Acts chapter two in the upper room in Jerusalem. Neither the church nor the rapture are found in these chapters about the end times, because the Church was not founded until after this message was delivered to Israel following their rejection of Christ as Messiah. However, I do believe we’ll see the first nine verses of this passage (Matthew chapter 24) in the run up to the rapture and in these nine verses, Jesus describes events that have been witnessed already within the church age. Remember, the only reference Jesus made to the rapture is in John 14:1-4 as I said before, when Jesus said He would go and prepare a place for us and come again and receive us unto himself. That ‘coming again’ is the rapture of the church.” – Pastor Carl

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