The Origin of Christmas

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“It should be noted that regarding the origins of the Christmas festival, the early Church fathers introduced the celebration of our savior under numerous dates. Some dates suggested were; March 25th, April 2nd, May 20th, Nov 8th, Dec 25th and finally Jan 6th. It was finally agreed upon that December 25th was the most suitable because it supposedly coincided with the winter solstice on the Julian calendar, marking the beginning of the victory of light over darkness, after the year’s longest night. Clement of Alexandria pointed out that because Jesus is called the ‘Sun of righteousness,’ (Malachi 4:2), then December 25th was the most suitable of these potential dates for our annual celebration. In most European countries gifts are exchanged on Christmas Eve, in keeping with the notion that the baby Jesus was born on the night of the 24th, (which of course is a myth and I will expound upon this shortly.) The morning of December 25th, has of course become the most popular time for exchanging gifts in North America. In 17th and 18th century Europe the modest exchange of gifts took place in the early hours of the 25th, when the family returned home from ‘Christmas mass’ and this tradition continues today.” – Pastor Carl

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