The Rapture – Part 2

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“We will continue today with our topic of the Rapture of the Church. Now ever since Israel’s disobedience and rejection of Christ as Messiah, they’ve been put on hold. You see, God’s plan has multiple threads running through it. Remember the church began on the Day of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2 and ends at the rapture, when the Lord Jesus returns for His beloved bride. Then once we the church are ‘gathered in the air’ to meet the Lord Jesus, the spiritual clock will begin again for the Jews and ‘Daniel’s 70th week’ will commence. We should remind ourselves that the Old Testament’s focus is the nation of Israel primarily and the New Testament is written to the Church. We must acknowledge that both ‘the church’ and ‘the rapture’ were mysteries concealed within the Old Testament, ready to be revealed within the New Testament. We must always ask the question when reading any chapter in the Bible, ‘to whom is it written?’, ‘when was it written?’ and ‘by whom?'” – Pastor Carl

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