The Rapture – Part 3

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“We continue to today with Part 3 of our topic of the ‘rapture of the church’ and this will be my second to last message on the subject or at least for now. The ‘pre-tribulation rapture’ is an integral doctrine of the New Testament and one which has come under a lot of attack recently, hence the reason for this broadcast. To recap, the church (or ekklesia -‘the called out ones,’) will not see the antichrist because we’re the very restraining force that withholds his appearing. Once we’re removed from the earth however, the Antichrist is able to manifest and embarks upon a seven year peace treaty (or one week) with Israel to commence the tribulation period (Daniel 9:27). As I’ve stated previously, this ‘mystery of iniquity’ cannot come to full fruition until we the church have been removed. However, once we’re gone, the entire earth’s population will be subject to mass deception or ‘strong delusion’ because God will cause them to believe a lie, having chosen to deny the Gospel in this dispensation. So where exactly did this ‘mystery of iniquity’ come from?” – Pastor Carl

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