The righteous are as bold as a lion!

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“We need to be bold, daring, and resilient in these last days. We should not shrink back but boldly complete the task God has set before us. Quite often we use the terms ‘gun-shy,’ ‘snake bit’ or ‘once bitten twice shy,’ for those who are overly cautious. These terms perhaps best describe our reluctance to move forward with God’s plan because of past failure, shame or even humiliation. We’ve all experienced times like this, I know I have. But it’s so important that even if we’ve experienced some failures, they should not stop us from completing the calling God has placed on our life. We must have courage friend! We need temerity, gumption, hubris, gallantry, fortitude, grit, guts or whatever else you call it in your parts! Yes friend I swallowed a thesaurus there but you get my point! Ha. But where does this courage come from if we’re to be successful for God?” – Pastor Carl

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