The spirit within and the spirit upon

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“I’m going to talk to you today about the Holy Spirit and His operation within this dispensation of Grace, better known as the ‘Church age,’ in contrast to how He used to operate in the Old Testament. We know from scripture that when anyone is ‘born again’ by God’s Spirit and ‘baptized into Christ Jesus,’ the Holy Spirit dwells within that person. However, in Old Testament times; scripture says the Spirit of the Lord would ‘come upon’ people but never permanently resided within them. His manifestation was both selective and temporary. However in this New Testament dispensation, things are very different. We have now been redeemed by Christ’s blood and have permanent access to the Holy Spirit’s indwelling presence. In scripture the Holy Spirit is sometimes described as ‘water’, ‘oil’ or even a ‘dove.’ So water is often one of several ‘types’ of the Holy Spirit in the Holy Writ. By receiving Christ into your heart you have access to an eternal spring of life, residing deep within you.” – Pastor Carl

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