The True Vine

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Are you aware of the pruning mechanism that occurs in your life? John Chapter fifteen reveals a powerful illustration in which God the Father is revealed as the ‘husbandmen’ or ‘cultivator.’ God desires fruit from you, whether you realize it or not. This fruit takes time to grow. In this chapter of the Gospels we learn about our role as a ‘branch’ in God’s tree. Jesus is ‘the vine’ to which we ‘branches’ must remain attached. If we are to bear fruit on a continual basis in our lives, we must voluntarily choose to be attached to Christ’s vine. Once we’re attached, His word must abide within us. Once these two criteria are met, only then can the Father harvest the fruit that He so desires. The Father ‘prunes’ us occasionally to bear more fruit down the road. We all know the pruning process isn’t necessarily comfortable but it’s requisite and for our benefit. We are to be fruit bearers and this powerful chapter describes the process that we are all subject to, on an ongoing basis.” – Pastor Carl

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