What is Righteousness?

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Have you noticed my podcast is called, ‘Reigning in Righteousness’ and there’s a reason for that. To the casual listener however, this title might sound a bit pretentious. But you might be saying, “are we not all weak worms of the dust Pastor? I thought we were sinners saved by Grace?” But friend, the reality is, we are the righteousness of God now and my purpose in each and every broadcast is to forge and solidify Christ’s righteousness in you. One of the most disturbing doctrines in Christianity today is ‘Calvinism,’ where the congregants of Calvinistic preachers are never really confronted with the true Gospel. I would say this represents almost half of the church as a whole. This mindset is rooted in a false teaching, where God has supposedly ‘foreordained’ those who will be saved and those who will not. Therefore in these churches, no invitations are offered from the pulpit to become ‘born again.’ There are a lot of assumptions going on, assumptions unfortunately that could result in many people never entering into the promise of salvation. Shockingly, the Pastors themselves may not be ‘born again’ and it’s just like the church I grew up in back home. In these churches there are seemingly no testimonies of a solid conversion experience, an encounter with the Holy Spirit or much else for that matter…” – Pastor Carl

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