You Have Spiritual Authority

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“It’s desirous that we not only understand our authority in Christ Jesus but know how to use it as I’ve said in previous broadcasts. We have no spiritual authority in and of ourselves of course, but the authority is found in the name of Jesus Christ, as I will shortly explain. Now, the first measure of authority we must enforce; is authority over our flesh. Any context of spiritual warfare in the Bible is first and foremost addressing the war between our flesh and our spirit. They’re at enmity, with each other; they are hostile to one another as the bible says. If we take full control over our flesh then we hereby ‘give no place’ or ‘foothold’ to the devil and he therefore has no means to devour us. Wrestling with the devil and demon forces is a secondary skirmish, after we’ve crucified the flesh and these forces cannot take any ground in our lives if we maintain our flesh’s crucifixion.” – Pastor Carl

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